Welcome to my website.

I started my working life after logistics got a little in the way of me completing a Diploma in Fine Art. Not wanting to be ‘the struggling artist’, I go a job at a music retailer and spent most of following twenty three years immersed in the music business. I loved it.

By 2019, corporatization had destroyed most of what was cool about the music industry, and my position - then as a buyer and co-manager of one of a once great music retailer chain’s coolest stores - became redundant. Go figure.

Since then, I’ve spent most of my time trying on different hats in an attempt to stay afloat, but if it wasn’t for the immeasurable kindness of family and a hand-full friends - I probably would not have made it this far.

The picture on the right (here) is a version of me. Just so you know what I think I look like.

I live in Cape Town, South Africa, and I love what I do - most of the time.

Enjoy the journey with me.


Photographic Portfolio