Well now…

I don’t expect any surprise reactions about me not writing to you for, like, ever. I also won’t pretend that I can do better. I’m just not that good at staying in touch. I hope you’re not too disappointed.

In a way, it feels like I’ve come full circle, but in actual fact, I’m just picking up what I put down 30-odd years ago. I studied Fine Art - majoring in Painting. Then, as that came to an administratively-guided grinding halt before proper completion – I go a job. Luckily I found a job in an industry that served a great passion of mine. Music. The thought of becoming the ‘struggling artist’ in my interesting home town truly irked me, so I was lucky to start what became an inspiring journey that lasted for the next 23-ish years. Then, in 2012, my position ‘became redundant’. Since then, I have put on various hats trying to figure out how to convert the things that I can do, and that I have learned - into an income.

And now my hiatus from being a struggling artist has seemingly come to an end. I’ve been painting again. It’s all very different - but very familiar. I was expecting there to be a long curve of struggle and re-learning. Of seeking and finding. Of asking and answering.

What actually happened was a relatively seamless transition between pixels and painting. Reinterpreting landscapes which I have photographed, and learned to love through my photography. I will continue with both mediums, and the one will feed the other. I think…

There is still much to learn, understand and accomplish, and I am o.k. with that. If I didn’t feel challenged, I don’t think I could be sufficiently creative.

I’d like you to still tag along – if that’s o.k. with you.