Wallace from The Warinsane

This is Wallace Warner, vocalist for Cape Town band The Warinsane. Here I photographed him at Metal4Africa’s annual Summerfest event at The Oude Libertas Theater in Stellenbosh in 2013.

The band went into an indefinite hiatus in early 2016 as Wallace thought it would be cool to go and live in New Zealand

I enjoy the simplicity of the light, and Wallace being shrouded in red – he’s pretty active on stage – with the bit of lit smoke behind him almost forming a speech bubble – providing a focus-point around the microphone.

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Addition 201606

Besides my recent upsurge in activity here, I have actually been updating my web-site’s content with at least one photograph a month. Sometimes other work is also added too, but there is at least one new addition per month.

Last night I thought it might be nice to give you a little more information about that one photograph I add. No essays, just a little background information.

This month’s addition is a photograph of Kagiso during a shoot I did with Elizabeth Galloway Academy Of Fashion Design in Stellenbosch. It was a moment during the documentation of a collection of outfits they designed and manufactured for their entry to the International Mohair Competition hosted by Donghua University in Shanghai earlier this year. They didn’t win, but the experience was quite exciting – including two EGAFD lecturers, Fiona and Alana, taking a trip to Shanghai to represent the Academy at the event, where they got some valuable experience and ate some real Chinese food.

Photographed at the Academy’s studio, here’s Kagiso:

You can currently also find it here. And here.