Newest Offering!

I have set up a temporary studio at my home in Cape Town. (This is primarily for portraits, but is also available for product shoots.)

The options are more or less as follows (for portraits):

One: A ‘simple’ shoot (eg. one set of clothing/shirt/random object) with the current (light) set-up - R550. [The set-up changes from time to time, and I will keep you updated here or here on my Facebook page.]
Two: Additional sets (shirt change etc) - add R200 for first and R100 per set after that.

The simple shoot (with current / single / ‘as is’ light set-up) is cheap and (relatively) quick and should take 20-30 minutes (although I’d recommend setting aside about 2 hours). Additions will obviously be longer and cost a little more, but gives you a variety of ‘looks’.

Three: Different set-up (lights) - add R300 per set-up to ‘simple’ shoot (One). Any additions are the same as above (Two).

Four: Simple shoot at Location (eg. your house) - R500 plus travel over 20km (total travel from where I am based in Cape Town to location and back) at R3/km. Additions same as above (Two).

Five: Setting up lights etc. at Location - add R300 per set-up (as in Three).

Pricing and studio set-up may change without warning, so contact me for current information.

(terms and conditions apply)

Recent set-up: