It’s been a while, I know. Miss me?

I must admit, I have [sort of] neglected this page. Even now – there’s not much in terms of new content. A little shuffling – yes; but nothing so mind-altering that you’ll fall off your chair.

Much of my time has been spent on keeping active profiles on social media and exploring some other spaces on the internet with the aim of ‘broadening my footprint’. You know I’ve been on Facebook for a while, but I’ve been expanding and now share content on Google+, flickr, Pinterest and twitter [tumblr., and Wordpress profiles are oozing into existence slowly, too]. If any of these platforms work [better] for you – go find me. I am there!

Part of my reason for digging myself into various other spaces on the internet has been the probability that I will have to put this page [and my Random Order page] to rest soon. My running costs have exceeded my returns for a while now. I have held on to things I believed to be important, but eventually it just isn’t possible to keep everything going… Sad, isn’t it?

On a more positive note… wait, let my just look for it again…

O.k.; On a more positive note, I have done some interesting work and had good feedback. Amongst others, I was contracted to shoot the finish-line celebrations and medal ceremony for Tour D’Afrique’s Cairo to Cape Town adventure, and I did shoot for AG Computer Accounting’s Staff profiles.
If you are due for some serious adventure – check out the Tour D’Afrique expeditions, and for computer accounting stuff – be sure to consult the experts!
Some of my photographs have also been published in the Cape Times newspaper. Unfortunately this paper doesn’t pay for photographs - so besides it being really cool – it hasn’t helped pay the rent!

In the mean-time I work at finding more work… If you have any interesting ideas please let me know.

I am very grateful to those of you who have supported me and either bought prints or contracted me for work. I also know that it isn’t always easy to know how you can be supportive or what you could use me for, so I have drawn up a list of things for you to consider – or make your friends aware of…

  • Tell someone about me.
    “Hey, I need a photographer!” probably isn’t something that comes up in normal, every-day conversation, but you never know who might actually need one. So if you see a gap – make some noise! The more people know about me, the better chance there is that we will find more people who can use me!
  • Share my Page / ‘like’ my photographs. Erm… what does that mean?
    This probably relates more to Facebook / Google+ / Pinterest users. What I’m getting at relates to any kind of [clicking] interaction with my Facebook photography page [Photography By Tim Honey] and my profiles on the other previously mentioned internet ‘platforms’. It’s often quite astounding what effect one person ‘liking’ or sharing a photograph from my Facebook page can have. Any interaction usually has a knock-on effect. I like that. Don’t worry, I don’t want you to go and like all my photographs now, but if you see something you enjoy – don’t be shy to ‘like’ or ‘share’ it. It helps!
  • Keep my business cards / pamphlets handy.
    If you work somewhere [probably more relevant to Cape Town / Boland area] where I could leave some business cards or postcard sized pamphlets based on my photographs – let me know and I will drop off or send you a couple. I can even semi-customise the pamphlets to suit your vibe…

That’s it for stuff you can do that won’t cost you any money, or too much of your integrity… The rest is a slightly more detailed list of services I provide. This is probably also more relevant if you’re in and around Cape Town / The Boland [South Africa], although I am more than happy to travel – at your expense! We’ll start with the small stuff.

  • ID / Passport Photos. I can do this.
    You know how terrible those can look and how inconvenient it can be to get them done. If you want something you can live with…
  • School Photos.
    Got kids? Do they go to school? If it ever happens that your kids’ school is looking for someone to do School Photos / Class Photos etc, think of me.
  • Staff Portraits.
    Let’s say you own or work in a business and you [or ‘they’] need Staff Photos… This is especially cool if you have a web-site with a staff profile page or for your business’ Facebook page. It adds a personal touch that customers like and can be lots of fun to do!
  • Product Shoots / Pack Shots.
    You sell stuff? Maybe you’re making a pamphlet or need images for a catalogue etc. Or maybe you want to put an advertisement in the paper… This is also good for on-line profiles with product pages. Showing images of your product or work always adds value for visiting customers.
  • Family / Couple Shoots.
    Personally, I can’t stand most of this kind of stuff I see. Someone is usually just not digging it, turns out looking awkward and has to grin and bear it for a long time to come. I like to portray people in a context they are comfortable with, or do whatever I can to make them feel [or at least look] comfortable. It can take some doing, but will be worth it in the end. Awkwardness doesn’t last – only the images of it!
  • Portfolios / Profiles.
    Quite a lot of things can fall into this category, and some may overlap with other service headings. It covers services from a ‘simple’ portrait shoot to look good on your LinkdIn page to portfolios for aspiring models, so anything you may need a single or a collection of photographs / portraits for that make you look fabulous!
    Christmas is coming – Think of those Christmas cards you always wanted to send…
    Also – If you are in a band or do any kind of performance work – I can help you create an effective profile incorporating formal portraiture and performance work.
  • Residential / Architectural Photography.
    Estate Agent? Architect? Engineer? You know all those photos of houses that you always see on Estate Agents’ advertisements? Someone has to take them… And Engineers and Architects sometimes need research and reference material. Really. Ask them!
  • Event Photography.
    Planning an event? Anything from a sports day to a promotional activity. Sometimes you might want this covered / documented. Your sponsors will love you for some extra publicity, and the memories are often quite cool too.
  • Weddings.
    Yes, weddings too. I’ll do them. And Babies and Children (before, after or unrelated…).
  • Pets? You got pets? You do?! Some people – like you – like to have portraits of their beloved animals.
  • Buy some prints.
    I sell prints of some of my work. The internet doesn’t always do justice my images. Facebook in particular does not process reds well when they’re mixed or delicate.
    Prints are done by professionals and are available on various media [including canvas]. I prefer LightJet, Matt prints. These are very high quality prints on what is referred to as ‘art’ paper. I think this process best reflects my own understanding of my photographs. Depending on the image, prints can be made to just about any size. I do re-check all images before printing to ensure that they will translate accurately to whatever size is required.
    I can also do small postcard sized prints myself. These are 200 year prints on extremely durable, high quality glossy paper. The one possible limitation of these prints is that the system automatically enriches / saturates the colours of the image. This isn’t always a problem, but on some images’ detail is lost, so not all images are available for this.
    The post-card prints are also good for things like school photos or an old-school photo booth type set-up as I can deliver almost-instant prints!
    I also take on commissions for prints, so if you would like a photographic print of something specific that you haven’t found amongst my work, I could probably consider doing it for you it. Bear in mind though, I do look at things in a particular way, so make sure you enjoy some of my work first!
  • Refer clients to me.
    Any referrals that result in fully paid new work get you a percentage of my profit from the job. If it is a long job, there will be a limit to your benefit, but there will be a reward, so terms and conditions apply here.
  • Anything else?
    If you have read this far, I’m assuming that you’re keen to do something but haven’t been moved sufficiently by any of the options I have given. If that is the case – contact me! I’m sure we could figure something out.

That’s all from me for now.

Thanks for being here.