O.k., so what’s the deal…?

It’s the beginning of December. That means you’re (hopefully) going to get to take a break from your ‘normal’ routine soon. You’re probably also going to try and find ways to spend lots of money on things that nobody really wants or needs. If you’re clever about it, you might buy other people things that you actually want for yourself – giving you an opportunity to either decide to just keep what you bought, or – if you’re tactful – find a way of getting it back from the recipients once all the fuss has died down.

While you’re busy wondering what to buy for Christmas, take some time and peruse these photographs I can sell you prints of: Buy Prints.

If you’re using your December break to get married and want a photographer, or if you eventually want to catalogue your prized collection of antique amplifiers or even if you’re going overseas and need ID or Passport photos taken… I can probably do it for you. Look here: What We Do (Services Offered)

Whatever you come up with, hopefully the idea of Christmas will remind us to make a little extra effort with considering those whose lives are not as easy as ours. Hopefully we can make some time to put a little light in someone else’s spirit while we relax and possibly spoil ourselves.

Thank you for your interest and support.

Take care.